Bespoke Shadow Boards

What are Bespoke Shadow Boards?

Improve segregation, allergen and speciation control in your factory with colour coded bespoke shadow boards from HCI Supplies.

Colour coded bespoke shadow boards – an essential for 5S and lean management delivering:

• "A place for everything and everything in its place".

• Work place standardisation with greater efficiencies.

HCI Supplies certificated shadow boards help you to:

• Maximise utensil life by reducing replacement costs

• Ensure appropriate equipment is always available

• Reinforce colour coding policies in every area

• Raise departmental accountability and operating standards

• Provide instant management and auditing overview

Certified, hard wearing base materials

Both our pure aluminium composite and anti-microbial shadow board materials are guaranteed not to contain compromising heavy metals found in some alternatives and are 100% water repellent

Brilliant acrylic finish

For superior colour and print retention.

Anti-scuff laminate Applied with heated multi roll press for optimum retention, particularly on board edges.

Clear definition print outlines Provide that superior image that every department deserves impressing customers and auditors.

Colour options

  • White shadows on coloured background
  • Coloured shadows on white background
  • Coloured outline. on white background.
  • Or any colours of your choice

Company logo

Introduce your company logo to enhance corporate ownership and pride in workplace.


Identify work station or department to which utensils belong.

Instruction messages

Highlight specific details in support of management directives. This may include visual instructions (eg photos) detailing key inspection points or quality standards.

The Shadows on the board

Our in house design team can design pretty much any shadow shape you require. Let us know what you want and we will see what we can do!

HCI Supplies contact details can be printed on every shadow board to assist in reordering equipment.

PLEASE NOTE - Every Shadow Board is made to order, to discuss your requirements please call or email us.

Download and fill in the form below to tells us what you require:

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