Odour Control

Description Quantity
CG175 Cotton Fresh Fabric Freshener Trigger 750ml CG175
21 Craftex Super Lemon Concentrate 175ml 21
32 Craftex Super Cherry Concentrate 175ml 32
CX0092 Craftex Apple Odour Kill Trigger Spray 500ml CX0092
24 Craftex Kill Odour 5 Litre 24
CX0028 Craftex Citrus Fresh 5 Litre CX0028
CX0027 Craftex Apple Fresh Deodoriser 5 Litre CX0027
79 Craftex Lavender Fresh Deodoriser 5 Litre 79
CX0085 Craftex Cherry Twist Deodouriser 5 Litre CX0085
CX0086 Craftex Clean Cotton Deodoriser 5 Litre CX0086
CX0026 Craftex Mint & Tea Tree, 5litre CX0026

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