Laundry Chemicals

Description Quantity
CG419 Vortex Biological Washing Powder 10kg CG419 CG419
CG413 Vortex Non-Bio Washing Powder 10kg CG413 CG413
CG427 Vortex Unscented Bio Washing Powder 10kg CG427 CG427
CG414 Ariel Actilift Washing Powder Febreeze 85 wash CG414 CG414
CG408 Horizon Biological Washing Powder 90 wash CG408 CG408
CG404 Bold Washing Powder 85 wash CG404 CG404
CG397 DAZ Washing Powder 85 wash CG397 CG397
CG409 Persil Non-Biological Washing Powder 90 Wash CG409 CG409
CG411 Persil Biological Washing Powder 90 Wash CG411 CG411
CG447 Laundry Detergent C-Max Biological 10 Litre CG447 CG447
CG448 Laundry Fabric Softener 10 Litre CG448 CG448
CG451 Jeyes So soft Laundry Conc. Non-Bio Detergent 10litre CG451
LD1 Jeyes Laundry Detergent 10 Litre CG450 CG450
LC8 Jeyes Fabric Laundry Conditioner 10 Litre CG445 CG445
ld5 Laundry Oxygen Destainer 10 Litre CG446 CG446
CG418 Craftex Fabric Softener Rinse 5 Litre CG418 CG418
CG416 Comfort Fabric Softener Blue 5 Litre CG416 CG416
CG417 Lenor Fabric Conditioner Summer super linen Yellow 4 Litre CG417Y CG417Y
CG417 Lenor Fabric Conditioner Spring super linen Blue 4 Litre CG417 CG417
CR402 Craftex Fabric Softener 25 Litre CX0403 CX0403

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