NEW - CentreTug®

CentreTug® Wiper in a water resistant tub has been manufactured to help you reduce waste and prevent cross contamination. This wiper has excellent strength and is manufactured from specialist material, not paper. We have worked with a number of food processing plants to bring this product to market and many of our clients are finding it to be a great replacement instead of a j-cloth, lavette cloth, GP Cloth, paper roll and many other general cleaning cloths. CentreTug® is ideal for food preparation and manufacturing areas as it comes in a tub. The CentreTug® refill dry wiper rolls are perforated and kept clean and dry in a resealable, robust, portable tub that transports the wiper to the location of your choice as it has a handy carry handle. CentreTug® tub can be refilled making it better for the environment with less wastage and comes with an easy pull off lid. CertreTug® is smooth and extremely absorbent and will pick up liquids quickly. This Wiper has two surfaces one scrubbing side and one polishing side. It has high capacity 400 sheets per roll to reduce frequency of reload. Comes with a coreless roll so no core to remove before use.

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Description Quantity
CT1 CentreTug® Blue Wiper in Dispensing Tub CP116
CT7 CentreTug® Wiper Refill to fit CP116 Tub CP115

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