Soap Dispensers

Description Quantity
15-062 Dispenser Andarta Foam Handwash 300 15-062 15-062
15-066 Plastic Dispenser Andarta Foaming Hand Sanitiser 15-066 15-066
15-063 Dispenser Andarta Liquid Hand Sanitiser 300 15-063 15-063
15-064 Dispenser Andarta Foaming Toilet Seat Sanitiser 15-064 15-064
e_639-1 Clea Foam Soap Dispensers White WM404
WM403 Clea Foam Soap Dispensers Smoked Grey WM403
Dispenser for Lotus Spray Soap WM73D WM73D
Dispenser for Lotus FOAMING Soap WM74D
Dispenser for Toilet Seat Wipes WM098D
DEB Hyfoam Dispenser Proline White 1litre HYF01X
Dispenser Leverline Soap for H4 WM77D
Dispensers - Bulkfill Soap Plastic 0.9 Litre WM178D WM178D
MSDBLKNS Manual Soap Dispenser Foam Black MSDBLKNS
MSDBLUNS Manual Soap Dispenser Foam Blue MSDBLUNS
MSDWHTNS Manual Soap Dispenser Foam White MSDWHTNS

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