Hand Towel Dispensers

Description Quantity
WM53D Plastic Towel Dispensers 41cm High WM53D WM53D
WM53DS Plastic Towel Dispensers 26cm High WM53DS WM53DS
BC928S Stainless Steel Towel Dispenser BC928S BC928S
WM400 Clea No Touch Hand Towel Dispenser Smoked Grey WM400
DSMHF Leonardo Hand Towel Mechanical Hands Free Dispenser DSMHF
Compact Leonardo Hand Towel Leonardo Hand Towel Compact Mini MHF Hands Free Dispenser DSRMAN
DSROB7 Leonardo Da Vinci Roll Towel Dispenser DSROB7
DSMTE Leonardo Hand Towel Tear & Dry Electronic Hands Free Dispenser DSMTE
WM60D Dispenser - Ultimatic for Ultima Hand Towel WM60D
551000 Tork Matic® Hand Towel Roll Dispenser 551000
06-085 Kimberly-Clark Scott Slimroll Hind Towel Dispenser 06-085
MHFBLKNS Mechanical Hands Free Roll Towel Dispenser BLACK Northshore MHFBLKNS
MHFBLUNS Mechanical Hands Free Roll Towel BLUE MHFBLUNS
MHFWHTNS Mechanical Hands Free Roll Towel White Dispenser MHFWHTNS
FHTBLKNS Microfold Hand Towel Dispenser Black FHTBLKNS
FHTBLUNS Microfold Hand Towel Dispenser Blue FHTBLUNS
FHTWHTNS Microfold Hand Towel Dispesnser White FHTWHTNS

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