Hand Towels Folded

Description Quantity
231513 Hand Towels C-Fold White 2ply 2400 23x33cm WM153 WM153
231512 Hand Towels C-Fold 1ply Blue (2800) WM151
231502 Hand Towels C-Fold Green 1ply 2880 23x33cm WM150
WM155 Hand Towels M-Fold White 2ply 3045 23x25cm WM155 WM155
WM157 Hand Towels M-Fold Natural 1ply 4500 23.5x24cm WM157 WM157
WM156 Hand Towels M-Fold Blue 2 ply 3045 20.6x25cm WM156 WM156
WM170 Hand Towels M-Fold White 2ply 3360 20.6x25cm WM170 WM170
02-045 Hand Towel V-FOLD White 2ply 3200 23x25cm 02-045 02-045
WM163 Hand Towels V-FOLD Blue 1ply 5000 23x25cm WM163 WM163
231602 Hand Towels Z-Fold White 2ply 3000 22x24cm WM160 WM160
HIW150 Hand Towels Z-Fold White 1ply 5000 20.3x24cm HIW150 HIW150
WM154 Hand Towels Z-Fold 1ply BLUE 3000 WM154 WM154
WM149 Hand Towels Z-Fold Blue 1ply 3600 22x24cm WM149 WM149
231502 Hand Towel Z-fold 1 ply Green 203x240 4000 WG149G WG149G
290135_i (1) Hand Towels Universal ZigZag 1ply Green 4000 290135 290135
100297 Tork Extra Soft Hand Towels 2 Ply White (2100) 100297 100297
34527 Hand Towels One Stop White 2ply (3045) 34527 34527
WMC10 Carlton Luxury Soft Hand Towels White 1x1000 WMC10 WMC10
WM152 Hand Towels Air Flight Flushable White 2ply 2400 24x33cm WM152 WM152
231513 Hand Towel Compact Narrow Towels 1ply 2400 WM147 WM147
WM148 Hand Towels Narrow Blue 1ply 7200 WM148 WM148

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