Hand Soap

Description Quantity
WM176 Goldfich Yellow Pearl Hand Soap 5 litre WM176 WM176
WM180 Goldfinch Bactericidal Hand Soap 5 litre WM180 WM180
WM179 Goldfinch Pink Pearl Hand Soap 5 litre WM179 WM179
WM204 Soap Apple Fresh Pump Top 450ml WM204
WM182 Soap Bactericidal Pump Top 450ml WM182
WM181 Soap Peach Pearl Pump Top 450ml WM181
CHS250 Carex Soap Antibac Blue Pump Top 250ml CHS250
CHS500 Carex Soap Antibac Blue Pump Top 500ml CPS500
WM185 Imperial Leath Hand Wash Pump Top 300ml WM185
WM188 Soap Pink Pearl Dymapearl Cartridge 6 x 1 litre WM188
WM187 Soap Bactericidal Cartridge 6 x 1 litre WM187
WM184 Soap Buttermilk Bars 70g 72bars WM184 WM184
WM183 Soap Guest Bars 15g 144bars WM183 WM183
CFS39H DEB Cutan Foam Hand Sanitiser 6x1 Litre CFS39H
CUG39J DEB Cutan Gentle Wash Soap 6x1 Litre CUG39J
CUF39P DEB Cutan Mild Foaming Soap 6x1 Litre CUF39P
FHY36YS DEB Florafree Mild Liquid Soap 750ml FHY36YS
1 Image coming soon DEB Florafree Mild Lotion Soap 1000 6x1 Litre FLM1000ML
OXY1L DEB Oxybac Anti Bac Foam Hand Wash 6x1 litre OXY1L
PUR43XD DEB Pure Soap 2 Litre PUR43XD
PUR39P DEB Pure Soap 1 Litre PUR39P
PUR54ZD DEB Pure Soap 4 Litre PUR54ZD

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