Toilet Roll Dispensers

Description Quantity
WM01D Plastic Lockable Twin Toilet Roll Holder WM01D WM01D
WM12DSS Stainless Steel Dispenser Twin Roll WM12DSS
1 Image coming soon Plastic Lockable Mini Jumbo Dispenser WM108D WM108D
WM104D Plastic Lockable Jumbo Dispenser WM104D WM104D
WM09D Plastic Lockable Bulk Pack Tissue Dispenser WM09D WM09D
06-105 Clea Dual Roll Toilet Roll Dispenser Plastic White 06-105 06-105
WM401 Clea Dual Roll Toilet Paper Dispenser Smoked Grey WM401
WM216 Plastic Dispenser for Versatwin Toilet Rolls WM216
55750000 Plastic Dispenser Tork Toilet Comp Roll Auto Shift 55750000
WM12D Dispensers - Pendimatic Metal WM12D
WM02D Metal Toilet Roll Dispenser Lockable WM02D WM02D
SBSBLKNS Side by Side Toilet Roll Dispenser BLACK SBSBLKNS
SBSBLUNS Side by Side Toilet Roll Dispenser BLUE SBSBLUNS
SBSWHTNS Side by Side Toilet Roll Dispenser WHITE SBSWHTNS
ORBBLKNS Orbit Toilet Roll Dispenser BLACK Northshore ORBBLKNS
ORBBLUNS Orbit Toilet Roll Dispenser BLUE ORBBLUNS
ORBWHTNS Orbit Toilet Roll Dispenser White ORBWHTNS

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