Washroom Cleaners

Description Quantity
CG141 Goldfinch Spray & Wipe with Bleach Bactericidal Trigger 750ml CG141 CG141
CG131 Goldfinch Spray & Wipe Bactericidal Trigger 750ml CG131 CG131
CG139 Goldfinch Bathroom Cleaner and Sanitiser Trigger 750ml CG139 CG139
CG134 Goldfinch Washroom Cleaner Lime 5 Litre CG134 CG134
CG133 Goldfinch Washroom Cleaner Lemon 5 Litre CG133 CG133
CG105 Goldfinch Beaver Multi-Use Cleaner Pine 5 Litre CG105 CG105
CG102 Goldfinch Zinnia All Purpose Cleaner 5 Litre CG102 CG102
CG115 Goldfinch Pursuit Toilet Cleaner Pine 750ml CG115 CG115
CG113 Goldfinch Daily Use Toilet Cleaner 1 Litre CG113 CG113
CG119 Toilet Duck Angled Neck Bottle 750ml CG119 CG119
CG135 Toilet Cleaner Kleenoff Alpine Duck 750ml CG135 CG135
CG116 Lifeguard 3-Way Toilet Cleaner 1 Litre CG116 CG116
CG117 Lifeguard Toilet Descaler 1 Litre CG117 CG117
CG097 Combat Washroom/Toilet Cleaner and Odour Eliminator 1 Litre CG097 CG097
CG114 Goldfinch Toilet Cleaner and Descaler 5 Litre CG114 CG114
closed-toilet-set SMALL Toilet Brush with Enclosed Holder White Plastic FC124 FC124
FC122 Toilet Brush with Holder White Plastic FC122/3 FC122/3
1 Image coming soon CIF Bathroom Cleaner 750ml CIF750B

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